Complete Renovations & Home Refurbishments in Southampton



Much like loft and basement conversions, home refurbishments and renovations provide both short and long-term benefits. Despite this similarity, homeowners in Southampton, Romsey and the New Forest area need to choose the relevant service carefully as they have very different requirements. Home refurbishments focus on builders improving a room or area through cleaning and decoration in order to present an ‘as-new’ appearance. Home renovations, on the other hand, involve building companies tackling larger scale work such as conversions, structural changes and the replacement of defective components for an improved functionality.


Some of the most common home refurbishments and renovations our builders undertake in Southampton, Romsey and the New Forest area include, but are not limited to:


• New Kitchen Installations

• New Bathroom Installations

• NICEIC-Accredited Electrics

• Gas Safe-Certified Plumbing

• Erecting Partition Walls

• Painting & Decorating


House Refurbishments | From Bathrooms to Kitchens


The two most common forms of house refurbishments we carry out in the Southampton, Romsey and New Forest areas involve bathroom and kitchen installations. As you’d expect from one of the foremost building companies in the region, we undergo a thorough planning and design phase before we even consider sending the builders in.


This initial phase ensures that we have a set budget and timescale in which to complete the refurbishments by. This early stage also provides the perfect time for our clients to give us as much information as possible regarding their specific choice of house refurbishments.


When a design, budget and timescale have been agreed with our Southampton, Romsey or New Forest-based clients, we assign our builders to the project. For house refurbishments such as kitchen and bathroom installations, this involves stripping the room of old components and disposing of them responsibly.


For smaller-scale house refurbishments such as painting and decorating, we continue to apply the same standards for quality. At every turn, our builders respect the fact that they are working in someone’s home, and take all possible measures to minimise disturbance and mess.


To discuss the possibilities for your own house refurbishments, please contact us.

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Start-to-Finish House Renovations


Unlike other building companies in the Southampton, Romsey and New Forest areas, Heritage Construction Ltd provides outstanding results for house renovations of any scale. Whether the job involves structural work or the creation of a new building within the shell of an old one, nobody returns degraded buildings back to their former glory like our builders.


For commercial clients looking to bring aged buildings into full compliance with current Building Regulations and Health & Safety legislation, refurbishments simply won’t cover enough ground. A full renovation, from the electrics and plumbing through to the structure of the building itself, is the only way forward.


While renovations often take longer to complete due to the thorough nature of the work, when completed by reputable building companies, the results last for generations to come.


What’s more, renovations provide a fantastic opportunity to preserve traditional buildings in Southampton, Romsey and the New Forest area while making them practical for modern day use.


To see what our previous clients have had to say about the standard of work our builders attain, please visit our testimonials page.


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a picture of a bathroom
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a picture of a bathroom
a picture of a kitchen 2